Thursday, February 8, 2007

Inc(red)ible Valentines

Send your friends and family (RED) Valentine's Day ecards to let them know that you're joining the fight against AIDS in Africa! For more info on (RED), go to JOINRED.COM

Thank you to the (RED) supporters who created these ecards.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

"Lets Be Bad" Valentine

I love the olde style. Who doesn't dig a dastardly villain---especially one who has such a waxed up mustache?

This card along with other sweet and sour Valentine eCards will go live on the site Feb. 1st.

So Many New Valentine Cards: Anti-Valentine's Day

If you haven't checked out the Valentine's Day section be sure to take a peek. We've been loading lots of new designs including this set of kinda anti-Valentine's Day designs. Who doesn't love their iPod, TiVo, Blowdryer, Coffee, Credit Card, Delivery Boy or my favorite, Bathtub?
Check them all out on the Valentine's Section:

Gallery of the Absurd Valentine's eCards

Our pal, 14, from the Gallery of the Absurd have created three amazing ecards featuring the celebs we all love (to hate?)

Semi-Goth Valentines

Melanie has created an interesting design that incorporates royal symbols, birds, patterns and other icons that somehow make me thing dark goth love. What do you think?

Vintage Valentines

With the support of our pals at (check out their amazing site of vintage advertising and other images at Ephemera Now ) we got our hands on some retro images that we've added a bit of a Valentine message. Some are straight on sweet, some are a bit naughty...but nice.